Address Verification

At Brilliance, we follow a careful address verification procedure to ensure your security and to minimize the risk of fraud when shopping for diamonds and jewelry online. This process allows us to verify that each purchase is legitimate, helping to prevent illicit use of your credit card and to thwart cases of identity theft.

When processing online orders, we're not able to check a driver's license or other physical form of ID, which creates a need for an alternate method of verification. For every order you place with Brilliance, we correspond with the financial institution who issued your credit or debit card to ensure that you are the card holder, that the card is valid and has not been reported lost or stolen, and that the billing address on the order matches the one on your card account.

For payments made via personal check, we only ship orders to the address indicated on the check.

Shipping to an Alternate Address

At your request, we can ship your order to a different address. To ensure your security and prevent fraudulent charges, we will check with your credit card company to verify that the alternate address is on record on your account. To prevent any delays, please contact your bank or credit card company before placing your order to ensure that the alternate shipping address is added to your account as an authorized destination.

If you experience any issues when specifying an alternate shipping address for your order, we suggest that you explain to your credit card company that your personal information must be confirmed before your online order can be processed. After your credit card company has added the necessary information, call us at 866-737-0754 and we will make another attempt to validate the shipping address and complete the order.


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Secure Order Processing

When you place an order with Brilliance, we do not immediately charge your credit or debit card. We first request authorization from your bank that your card is valid, has the necessary funds available, and has not been reported lost or stolen. After authorization, the purchase amount is held by your bank for up to 7-10 days. Brilliance has no control over these held funds, and we do not claim the funds until the order is shipped. If your credit card company declines your payment, we suggest that you contact your bank directly to determine if your funds have been held from authorizations from other cancelled or declined transactions. If so, you can ask them to release the necessary funds so that your order can be processed.

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