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As hard as a diamond, because it is a diamond, Elysium Rings are a bold statement.

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Elysium Rings

Not sure what is an Elysium ring? Elysium bands are solid diamond ring made of a matrix of millions of crushed diamond crystals. The patented process uses a million psi (pounds per square inch) at a temperature of over 1,500 degrees Celsius (over 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit) to fuze the diamond crystals together. Elysium rings are black because the diamond crystals are pressed so tightly together that it is impossible for light to pass through each crystal as it does with a single diamond crystal.

The Elysium Process

An Elysium crushed diamond ring is made from real diamond crystals engineered into the Elysium material using a human-engineered process. The resulting durable, scratch-resistant material is at least 4 times harder than Tungsten and 10 times harder than Ceramic; it can only be scratched by another Diamond! Due to its indestructible properties, Elysium is now procured for other uses in the manufacturing sector, aerospace, and for medical and surgical machines.

Your Unique Elysium Ring

Each Elysium Ring is made to order for its owner and takes two weeks from the time of ordering to create. Elysium wedding bands with inlays or custom Elysium rings can take up to 4 weeks. After your ring is created, it is stamped with its own serial number and can be registered on the Elysium website.