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Meteorite Men's Bands

Seeing a shooting star soar across the sky is considered a sign of good luck. Now, men have the opportunity to carry a little piece of good fortune and lasting love with them wherever they go by wearing a meteorite ring!

Meteors are shooting stars that frequently travel throughout space. If a meteor collides with Earth, it usually vaporizes as soon as it enters the atmosphere. However, some meteors simply break into smaller pieces before landing on the ground. The pieces of the meteor that make it to the ground are referred to as a meteorite.

It may be surprising to see men’s wedding rings made out of a meteorite, but believe it or not, meteorite jewelry has been around for centuries. Ancient civilizations believed that meteorite possessed healing properties, which is why they wore meteorite jewelry. The healing properties of a meteorite have never been proven, but that has never stopped men from wearing meteorite jewelry. Today, men choose to wear meteorite wedding bands because of their unique look and affordable price.

Meteorite is typically used as a decorative inlay on men’s wedding bands. This means the meteorite is inlaid into a precious metal such as gold, platinum, or titanium. Since meteorite is gray, it blends right in when paired with white gold or platinum. It can also be paired with yellow or rose gold—in fact, many men love the striking contrast between a gray meteorite and yellow or rose gold metal. Mixing two materials in this manner creates a remarkable ring that is full of personality and character.

Meteorite consists of a number of different metals, including nickel and iron, so it is a fairly durable material. One of the reasons why meteorite is so distinctive is because of the unique markings that set it apart from other materials. It’s incredibly difficult to find two pieces of a meteorite that look identical thanks to these unique markings, which means your ring is truly an original!